Security paramount in Financial Services

The holding of data and documents in a financial services business is extremely sensitive and requires the highest levels of security. The copying and distribution of hard copy documents and the distribution of electronic files requires specialist skills and software tools, including Digital Rights  Management (DRM).

Pavilion runs an on-site print/reprographics and scanning activity in the financial services industry which operates under ISO27001 accreditation. With scanning software which can read and categorise documents, staff who are regularly vetted and processes and procedures which are subjected to security audit, Pavilion offers a high quality, highly responsive and quality document solution.

Best Value Review project for the Constabulary

All the UK Police Forces find themselves under extreme budget pressure and back office functions including desk-top printing, copying and the supply of force forms is an area where cost savings can be made.

Pavilion agreed to carry out a FREE ’32 Point Health Check’ for one Constabulary to discover if there was any significant savings to be made in the print arena. Following successful presentation of results we were engaged as consultants.

We used specialist software to measure the cost of every print device in the Force and analysed the cost of copying and the print room function. We also analysed the existing supplier contracts. Putting all this together with a focus on the real needs of the Force we devised an integrated print strategy and identified savings of over £150,000 per annum.

Pavilion then set about the task of implementing the changes required to deliver the savings. We also ensured the strategy delivered true business continuity within the strategic planning.

Integrated print room and networked printers

Approaching contract renewal stage, a large UK engineering Group set out to seek a new partner to manage its in-plant activity.

In parallel, they were also in the process of implementing a new SAP management information system, and needed to integrate the print room with the total range of networked printers and copiers. At the highest strategic level, they wanted a document solution that allowed the release of management information and overall control of print production. At its core the solution had to provide a process that allowed documents to be produced in the most cost-effective and efficient way.

Pavilion then totally re-equipped the central printing service. A second generation TUPE was managed with employees transferring from the previous outsource supplier.

In a very short space of time the operation had been transformed into a modern, well-managed centre providing dedicated customer service, disciplined version control, acting as the focus centre in managing the total print fleet.