If you are new to the concept of enterprise content management, you may find it confusing at first.

And for good reason.

The enormous number of terms associated with ECM – document management, Business Process Management, case management, imaging, records management, full text indexing – can leave you bewildered. “What are these things? What do they mean? Do I need them all? Where do I even get started?”  If you are asking these questions, you are not alone.


So let’s start with some basics. And those basics are the three types of ECM: web content management, collaborative content management and transactional content management. Figuring out where your company’s ECM needs fit is possibly the biggest step to identifying both the right solution and the right vendor.


OnBase, the solution offered by Pavilion, is a leader in transactional content management. If you have a lot of documents and need a more efficient way to maintain, access and route those documents, you’re looking for a transactional content management solution.


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Why ECM?

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