How do you find out more? What is the Process?

Our solution at Pavilion is to provide scanning services and software to help organisations manage their HR documentation and use documents to drive processes. Automated processes make sure that everything happens on time and that every step is carried out by the correct person. The results of this are that your processes can be monitored and that you can be sure of compliance to all your HR policies and procedures.

The benefits of digitising your HR files are clear in that, by reducing paper, you are freeing up space, allowing the same information to be accessed by multiple team members at the same time and reducing the risk associated by having all or your information in the same place. In addition you are dramatically improving security because access privileges can be set down to an individual document type level. With our employee self-service portal this means that an employee can only see their own file and only the parts of that file that they are permitted to see.

Hopefully therefore what we do and the key benefits are clear. What we have not spoken about so far however is how we do it.

Firstly we would come and see you to carry out a brief presentation and a Demo of the system. Or you could view our online video or sign up to see a live demo via a webinar. (Our next one is on 12th June, click here to request an invitation)

The idea is that the demo and the conversation starts the process of looking at your specific challenges (everyone’s are different) and thinking about the best ways to resolve them. We can help you there, of course, but our approach is to think of appropriate solutions rather than throwing the kitchen sink at everything.

The simple principle being that if we recommend a solution that is fit for purpose and extendible over time you are more likely to use it and see the benefits than if we aggressively pushed every bell and whistle onto you.

After the first meeting we then arrange to come back for a free half day “Discovery” session where we break down the different workflows and needs to define the solution. This is a round table session with the key stakeholders to make sure we have captured everything and that the solution we propose is appropriate for your needs.

After that you will get a detailed, costed, proposal from which we can then move forward. The proposal will be for the software and any scanning services you have identified.

The software can be provided in any number of ways to suit budget and infrastructure. We can provide services via the OnBase secure cloud on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis from as little as £2.50 per employee per month. Alternatively the software can be installed on servers in your own infrastructure and you can pay for licences in a traditional way. There is really no preference from our side, we just want to provide you with the best solution.

Another thing to mention is that you don’t have to fulfil your entire vision for the system from day one. If you would like we can provide a scanning service for your legacy paperwork and a simple employee file management system that is linked to your HR system. Implementing electronic forms and workflow can come later if you prefer. Once those modules are added you will be trained to implement them yourselves so that you don’t have to keep coming back for professional services.

Hopefully this has given you some insights into how the process would pan out. We are focussed on helping and providing you with the right solution. Even, and we realise this might be a little unconventional, if that means that we recommend a different approach to the ones we can offer.

What we would like you to do now is get in touch and tell us about your HR challenges. Even if they are minor niggles we are confident we can help with a cost effective solution. Give us a ring on 0845 021 00 55 or email us: and we can talk it through.