Pavilion HR Solutions Brochure and Info Sheets

On this page we have provided downloads for all of the info sheets about our OnBase HR solution. These are split up into the various solutions we have available and there is a single file at the end containing all of the info sheets concatenated together.

The information sheets and the brochure should provide you with a good overview of the solution and the areas where we can help.

If you would like to discuss these solutions and how they could be implemented for your business please email us at or call us on 0845 021 00 55

Information sheets

HR-Departmental-Solution.pdf (204 downloads)

HR-Induction.pdf (199 downloads)

HR-Performance-and-Promotion-Management.pdf (198 downloads)

HR-Employee-File-Management.pdf (184 downloads)

HR-Employee-Self-Service.pdf (198 downloads)

HR-Qualifications-and-skills-management.pdf (200 downloads)

HR-Policy-and-Compliance.pdf (190 downloads)

HR-Recruit-and-Select.pdf (201 downloads)

HR-Manager-Self-Service.pdf (198 downloads)

HR-Case-Management.pdf (199 downloads)

HR-Contract-Termination.pdf (199 downloads)

Brochure Download

HR-Departmental-Solutions-Brochure.pdf (200 downloads)