Instant integration – a reality with OnBase

In our posts so far we have concentrated on how digital HR files deliver many benefits. Our service can scan in all your paper files and then manage them for you in OnBase our enterprise content management system.

Once you have all your files in a digital form you can start replacing old paper forms with electronic ones. In OnBase you can build a simple electronic form in 15 minutes which can then start being used straight away.

With digital forms you then get the ability to use our workflow tool to kick off automated processes for anything from the recruitment cycle to holiday request forms or making sure everyone has read and signed off the new policies and procedures.

OnBase sits outside of your HR system but links seamlessly with it. So you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, just add the functionality you need onto what you already use. That way you keep everyone in the system they are familiar with and don’t cause any revolutions!

Outside of the HR department, colleagues can access the forms via the intranet or in Outlook including having the ability to click buttons to submit the form, authorise a request, send back a query or anything else you can imagine.

All sound’s great doesn’t it? Well, it really is, which is why some of the world’s largest companies use OnBase to manage their HR documentation and processes.

The cleverest thing about OnBase is it’s ability to link with any system quickly and easily. If you are in your HR system, press a function key and the employee file for the record you were looking at will pop up on screen. Literally any system and it will work. Have a look at this video and we’ll briefly demo the feature for you:

  One Click Integration Video (227 downloads)

If you would like to see more, we are planning an online Demo of the system on 12th June 2014. Please fill in the below form to express interest and we’ll send along an invitation. It will take an hour and we’ll show you the key features of OnBase as a solution for HR departments.

This is just one example of the ways we can help. What we would like you to do is get in touch and tell us about your HR challenges. Even if they are minor niggles we are confident we can help with a cost effective solution. Give us a ring on 0845 021 00 55 or email us: and we can talk it through.

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