Instant Reporting and Dashboards for HR


In order to stay compliant there is a real need in HR departments to be able to report on the status of processes. When you undergo an audit this often means frantically scrabbling about for information and contacting managers to find out if everyone has signed a new policy or if they have done their teams’ appraisals and pay reviews.

Even getting the average staff turnover number pulled together can be a nightmare. The key to resolving this is knowing where you are with all your processes and the solution to that lies with the movement of documents.

At Pavilion we have been helping our customers to go digital by linking our Employee file management software, OnBase, to their existing HR information systems. This generates a central employee file for every staff member and then allows for the replacement of historic paper forms with digital ones that can be accessed via your intranet or Outlook.

These electronic forms stop paper from being generated going forward. They also act as a trigger for automated processes. An example might be the incoming CV in an email from an applicant triggering a recruitment process. Another could be an electronic holiday request form that triggers a process whereby the line manager signs off the request and then the HR system is updated with te time off information. The options are endless.

The good news about the system is that the workflows are all drag and drop configurable so you can pick off which processes you are going to automate and do it yourselves. From the signing off of policies and procedures within your organisation to a process to manage maternity/paternity leave or performance reviews.

The end result is far greater levels of information about HR processes and how they are impacting on your organisation. The icing on the cake is that the information on your processes can be reported on using our integrated reporting tool (a bolt on to Excel) together with live dashboards. These dashboards give an instant snapshot of any process including actions waiting to be completed, highlighting problem areas and demonstrating compliance.

In simple terms the process of going digital means moving away from paper into managed automated processes that can be measured in realtime.

This is just one example of the ways we can help. What we would like you to do is get in touch and tell us about your HR challenges. Even if they are minor niggles we are confident we can help with a cost effective solution. Give us a ring on 0845 021 00 55 or email us: and we can talk it through or arrange to demo the system to you.


Whatever your challenge we will help you find a solution. That’s what we do.