Manager Self Service in HR

Your HR procedures and processes are only as good as the managers that implement them. If there isn’t a way to help managers process their HR tasks like approving holiday requests or carrying out appraisals then the system can break down.

As a HR department you need to know who is ticking the boxes and where the problem areas are. At Pavilion we can link to your HR system and create a centralised electronic employee file. This then enables you to set up workflows to route all matters relating to a group of employees to the appropriate manager.

The managers can either login via your intranet or access all their tasks from within Outlook. In outlook an email comes in and the actions available appear on pane to the right of the screen. One button click to authorize a holiday request or schedule in an appraisal.

Scheduling the appraisal would kick off a workflow to send a form to the staff member to complete prior to the meeting with their goals and areas for development and also provide all the forms for the manager to complete on the day.

The entire process can be reported on, audited and presented via dashboards to the HR team. This gives you measurability, makes you ready for any spot audits and allows the HRD to report on the health of the organisation to the board.

The system doesn’t require a big, up front, investment or a massive IT project. Our system, OnBase, easily integrates with your existing systems and links them together to make your life easier.

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This is just one example of the ways we can help. What we would like you to do is get in touch and tell us about your HR challenges. Even if they are minor niggles we are confident we can help with a cost effective solution. Give us a ring on 0845 021 00 55 or email us: and we can talk it through or arrange to demo the system to you.


Whatever your challenge we will help you find a solution. That’s what we do.