Skills matching as a mechanism to break down organisational silos

One thing we are hearing a lot about is that organisations’ need to be responsive enough to sudden growth areas and market demands to take full advantage of any business opportunities. With large workforces, particularly those that are spread over many regions or offices it is currently difficult, if not impossible, to assess the entire workforce to find those with the right skills to transfer over to a new business area. Yes, it is possible to recruit externally, but surely providing opportunities for advancement to internal candidates would be a more effective response?

The problem is; in a large workforce how do you identify the people with the right skills quickly? I suppose one could look at training records but they only give part of the picture. What about the ‘soft’ skills that form the basis of a role?

One solution we have employed is using our system to pull together feeds from the HR system, training systems etc. into a central unified HR record. If this is coupled with a skill set definition for each role then the combination of data becomes powerful. At the recruitment stage for a new employee the incoming CV’s and applications would be assessed against the skill set for the role to narrow down applications to the most qualified. Once in the role they would be measured against the skill set to assess competence. Through reporting tools this would then allow for cross organizational searches for current employees that have the right skills mix to hit the ground running in a new business area.

In summary; using skills based assessments to influence hiring and performance assessments while giving the organisation the tools it needs to cross pollinate teams for the maximum benefit.

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