Too many systems in HR?

As companies grow and new legislation comes into force over the years HR departments often need to take on new systems to manage different areas of their remit. Core HR systems, Payroll systems, performance management, recruitment management, training, time and attendance and others.

The problem with all these systems is that they don’t communicate with each other. This often means that HR team members have to manually transfer data between the systems or log events in one system in a number of others. Very time consuming and wide open to human error.

At Pavilion we can solve that problem with OnBase.

OnBase can integrate with the various systems log changes, format them for a destination system and pass the information directly through. Also with our integrated employee file management system all of the information can be stored centrally.

So, if you are in any of the systems looking at an employee’s details then a single key press will bring up their file with all their employee documents, electronic forms and data feeds from other systems; easily navigable in a central location.

OnBase integrates seamlessly with SharePoint too. So if you are comfortable using SharePoint as your document store, OnBase can power that system. In that way you can avoid the digital silos created by commissioning SharePoint consultants to do custom coding for you. Use SharePoint to power your intranet and all your electronic HR forms can be accessed from there.

OnBase will sit behind, invisibly, and power the workflow to take a form (let’s say a Holiday request form) get it authorised by the right manager and then feed the data into the HR and payroll systems.

The HR department is filled with highly qualified and experienced team members that shouldn’t be spending their time grappling with systems. They should be getting on with supporting the employee base. Using OnBase from Pavilion can make that happen.

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